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Geological Autumn 2017 in Sobrarbe-Pirineos Geopark

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Autumn tints of colors and lights the Sobrarbe Geopark becoming an irresistible moment to walk through it and see all its natural, geological and cultural heritage with other eyes.

The Sobrarbe Geopark program during this period of the year the Geological Autumn activity in Sobrarbe, through which we invite you to discover the geological history of this region through guided tours, touring nine of our Geo Routes, guided by hand of a geologist. He will help translate the messages that the rocks transmit and interpret the landscape along each of these routes that Geological Autumn in Sobrarbe proposes to you.

The activity is free and is aimed at the whole family, all those who are curious to know how our landscape has formed, which do not have vertigo for a travel of millions of years during a morning touring some of the wonderful paths that make up the Network of Trails of Sobrarbe. We combine hiking and geology.

Geological Autumn in Sobrarbe are guided tours with a purely informative purpose so the explanations are interesting, curious and accessible to anyone, even if they have no previous notion of geology. The purpose of this activity and the design of these “geodias” are specially designed to bring the world of geology to all audiences, to explain why the landscape that surrounds us is as it is. Awaken the taste for the geology among the participants and encourage them to become part of the community of Friend of Sobrarbe Geopark.

You can download the brochure of the Geological Fall activity in this edition of 2017 where you will find the detailed program, all the technical indications, points of departure, schedules, stops, the geology that we will see, etc.:


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