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Have you ever walked across a landscape and wondered how so many varieties of rock and shapes of mountains, hills and valleys came to be?

Have you ever experienced a moment of exhilaration when looking down from the top of a cliff to the sea crashing below or across the snowy ridge of high mountains and wondered, how did these things form?

Likewise, have you ever picked up a rock from the floor of a quarry or from the sea-shore and wondered about that rocks long history? Were you able to find the answer your questions?

If not, then welcome to the world of European Geoparks where we aim to explore our geological heritage and provide the answers to many of these questions.
Many people when asked about geological heritage think of places such as the Grand Canyon, Iceland, Mount Etna, the Giant’s Causeway or the Alps.

However there is more to geological heritage than these special, often exceptional outcrops. Across Europe there are examples of landscapes and rocks that provide key evidence of a particular moment in Earth history and they too are part of our geological heritage.

Geological heritage is also a recognition, or acceptance, of Man’s role to provide an economically sustainable future for the development of society as a whole, as well as our responsibility to share, but also to safeguard, that heritage. In many ways the geological heritage of Europe is as diverse and interesting and dynamic as the multi-cultural heritage of Europe’s many regions.

This might sound strange as many people think rocks, or indeed landscape as boring or even dead things. However, with the dawn of the 21st century there is a growing recognition that this mode of thinking is out-dated and there is an increasing acceptance of the need not only to preserve but also to enjoy our geological heritage.
For Europe’s geological heritage is also our shared history and that history can be read written in stone in the landscapes and rocks that are all around us..
In case of performing a visit in a European Geopark you are going to experience an extraordinary discovery! These labellized territories invite you to a true voyage through time.
You are going to meet not only natural and geological monuments of the long history of Earth but also members of the stuff who works there so that economic and sustainable development keep up with protection and conservation of an exceptional inheritance.

European Geoparks offer the best reception to visitors and will meet their needs and desires of discovery.

In order to explore these unique territories you can communicate with tourist agencies, which are carefully selected by representatives of the European Geoparks.

For any information about these territories do not hesitate and contact directly.

Happy voyage in the European Countries of the Memory of the Earth.

The team of European Geoparks
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