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National Geopark Fora Progress Reports

National Geoparks Fora were established in several countries after a decision of the EGN Coordination Committee in 2007.

A National Geopark Forum or Committee, including all the members of the EGN resident in a State, is working to promote Geoparks at the national level. It may be authorised to organise activities of the EGN/GGN in that State.

National Geopark Committees may also include:

  • 1 representative of the Government body in charge of Geoparks
  • 1 representative of the national geological organization or survey
  • 1 representative of the national environmental/protected area organization
  • 1 representative of the national cultural heritage body
  • 1 representative of the national tourism organization

Additional members may be included as seen appropriate to fit the particular national context.


  • Austrian Geoparks Forum
  • Czech Geoparks Forum
  • Duch Geoparks Forum
  • French Geoparks Forum
  • Finnish Geoparks Forum
  • German Geoparks Forum
  • Hellenic Geoparks Forum
  • Icelandic Geoparks Forum
  • Irish Geoparks Forum
  • Italian Geoparks Forum
  • Netherlands Geopark Forum
  • Norwegian National Committee for Geoheritage and Geoparks
  • Portuguese Geoparks Forum
  • Slovenian Geopark Forum
  • Spanish Geoparks Forum
  • UK Geoparks Forum

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