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A completed application dossier should be submitted, in any one year, to the EGN (Cellule de Co-ordination du Réseau des Geoparks Européens, see above address) during the period 1 October – 1 December ONLY.

The application dossier for membership in the European Geoparks Network must be concise and comprehensive, not exceeding 50 pages (including photos and maps) in English.

The dossier has to be accompanied by:

  • The official application letter (duly signed and stamped)
  • An appendix with letters supporting the application.
  • The self-evaluation document (Document A)

The official application letter (duly signed and stamped) and the complete application dossier should be compiled in English. The application letter should be submitted along with:

  • 3 paper dossiers  and 10 CD-Roms containing the complete electronic application dossier in pdf, in a file not exceeding 10 MB.
  • A link on a web page where the complete electronic application dossier as well as additional annexes can be downloaded by members of the Network.

Nominations will be checked that all the information required is included  and that the guidelines have been adhered to, and reviewed by January 31. Requests for further clarification, if necessary, will  be issued to nominating territories by February 28 at the latest. Desktop evaluations of the application will take place and the EGN will seek  a statement from the IUGS on the international value of the geological heritage of the applicant territory.

Nominations will be discussed at the spring meeting of the EGN (usually late March/early April each year) after which the applicant territory will be informed if the application has been rejected, deferred (pending further information and clarification) or whether an evaluation mission has been authorisied.

Evaluation missions will be carried out between May 1 – July 31 each year. It is the responsibility of the applicant territory to pay the travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses of two experts. Note that as the EGN is part of the Global Geoparks Network, one or more of the evaluators may come from outside Europe.

Evaluation reports will be circulated to Application Committee members by August 31.

Evaluation missions will be discussed and decisions made at the open autumn meeting of the EGN where applicant territories can be present (usually September each year).

Should any application be deferred at the autumn meeting, it can only be considered fully again at the subsequent autumn meeting one year later.

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