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Celebration of the “Week of Autochthone Forest” in the Terras de Cavaleiros Global Geopark

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The Autochthone Forest Day is celebrated on November 23rd and intends to promote the knowledge about the conservation of natural forests.

The Terras de Cavaleiros Geopark Association in partnership with the municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros, the Grouping of schools and the private schools of the Terras de Cavaleiros Global Geopark territory celebrate together, for the third consecutive year, the “Week of Autochthone Forest”. It is dedicated to raise awareness about the plantation of native forest and autochthone species of the Terras de Cavaleiros Global Geopark territory.

Between November 16th and 20th, about 600 students and teachers of public and private education will be challenged to put their hands on the land, planting trees in one of the terrains of the municipality.

On November 23rd the school community will participate in the lecture “The day of the Autochthone Forest” that aims to inform and raise awareness about the importance of the autochthone trees, pointing out their high resistance to diseases and pests, and also the better adaption to the climatic conditions of the country.


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