Vulkaneifel Geopark (Germany)

In 2006 many geotourism, scientific and educational events and projects were completed in Vulkaneifel European Geopark. Highlights of the year included:

  • As part of European Geoparks Week, a number of special events around geology, volcanism and natural history were presented. Among these was a volcanological seminar with the celebrated scientist Prof. Dr. H.-U. Schmincke, a ‘Long Night of the Museums’, and much more …
  • In September the Deutsche Vulkanstraße (German Volcano Road) trail was opened. This 280 kilometre driving trail connects 39 points of special geological interest.
  • A research project in cooperation with the University of Jena and supported by the EU-Interreg IIIB programme provided new insights into volcano-structure and genesis. In Vulkaneifel a hitherto unknown complex-volcano (likely a maar in the middle of three or four surrounding cinder cones)  was discovered in 2006.

Further Information: Dr. Andreas Schüller,