Sobrarde Geopark (Spain)

With a surface area of 2,202 km2, the Geopark encompasses the entire region of Sobrarbe (Huesca, SPAIN). This area is located in the central part of the Pyrenees’ southern slope and is bordered by France to the north.

Sobrarbe Geopark was created in 2006, so it was a thrilling year implementing a tourism management quality system for the Geopark territory.

Many activities have been achieved in 2006, all implementing the Geopark Management Plan:

  • Enlargement of the Basic Geological Itinerary. Placement of 5 interpretative panels focusing on landscape, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Tectonics and glacial processes.
  • Five geological itineraries by mountain bike. Leaflet and 25 small interpretative panels.
  • Geo – mining circuit in the high valleys of the Cinca river. Leaflet and 5 interpretative panels.
  • Edition of a short publication on local Geology for young people.