Reserve Geologique de Haute Provance (France)

The Reserve Geologique de Haute Provence continued its activity this year, with feasibility study for a new project to build a museum to protect the famous amonites slab.  We continued to operate the “Coordination Cellule” – information central point for Europe connected with UNESCO Office.

Highlights of the year included:

  • Exchanging exhibitions with European Geopark partners at Beigua and Lesvos
  • Collaborating with Copper Coast Geopark to exchange our experience on shop management.
  • European Geopark Week : During 3 days from 8h  to 24h, different events were held around 5 themes (Jean Giono a famous writer, on the road of dinosaurs, Alexandra David Nell travels, An Andy Goldsworthy art trail, celebration of famous mathematician Pierre Gassendi) with free entrance for all participants. Events included guided walks, cinema showings, illustrated lectures and more.
  • National Earth Sciences Congress in Dijon: We presented the European Geopark Network at this meeting to the 800 participants coming from all over France, including many members of the scientific community.

Further information:
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