Luberon Geopark (France)

The Luberon Geopark has continued its actions on four main themes:

  • Protection of geological heritage,
  • Scientific research in partnership with universities and natural history museums,
  • Communication and education,
  • Valorisation of geological sites

Highlights included:

  • Approval by local State authorities of the second management plan of the Luberon Geological Nature Reserve (managed by the Geopark team).
  • Development work for the refurbishment of the geological museum of the Park’s Visitor Centre. This included securing funding and appointing a project supervisor.
  • Guided visits for schools and the wider public, and the organisation and delivery of conferences and exhibitions.
  • Excavations on limestone palaeontological sites, medieval sites of palaeometallurgy, archeological flint sites
  • An agreement with a small tour operator who will offer guided geotours in the Luberon, in cooperation with the Geopark team and its local partners in the private sector.