Kulturepark Kamtal (Austria)

Activities of the Amethystwelt Maissau:

More than 120,000 people visited the famous amethyst vein in Maissau in 2006. There were several guided tours, special events, workshops for children and many more activities during the season.

Activities managed by the Krahuletz-Museum, Eggenburg:

Palaeontolocical Workshop in Röschitz
An artificial cave, resulting from excavating coarse-grained quarzsands (= Burgschleinitz-Formation) under a limestone-formation (Zogelsdorf-Formation), was partly destroyed by a private fossil collector. This collector was sentenced to re-establish this cave and the outcrop. The revitalisation was carried out by the Krahuletz-Museum during a paleontologic seminar for volunteers. The participants learned how to document an outcrop, to measure and draw geological sections, to use field methods for sedimentology and palaeontology, to generate data for statistical studies in relation to frequency of fossil taxa and finally how to collect and prepare fossils in the field. Using these data the cave and the outcrop could be revitalised and is now an excellent visitor facility. Together with the community of Röschitz we plan to establish a new educational round trip route under the topics: “granite – sea deposits – loess – formation of the landscape and wine growing”.

New Point of interest in the village Hohenwarth

The point, made by members of the Krahuletz-Museum tells the story about the pre “Danube” river system developed about 11 Million years ago. Gravel deposits of this ancient, braided river system can be followed from Krems across Hohenwarth, Ziersdorf, Hollabrunn and the Zaya river valley till to Mistelbach, where this river mouthed in the “Pannonian Lake” of the Vienna Basin. At that time a subtropical climate prevailed and ancient elephants, rhinos, gazelles, three toed horses and primates lived in this area. A fossil skull of such an ancient elephant (Gomphotherium longirostris) was found in the road cutting at Hohenwarth.

Television broadcast:

The Austria Television Company in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Austria produced a series of “Universum” contributions on Austrian Geoparks. The film was broadcast in June 2006.

Night of the Museums

One of the most prominent events of this year was the „Lange Nacht der Museen“. It was cooperation between fifteen Museums in the Geopark region and the Austrian Television and Radio Broadcaster ORF. For 5 Euro the visitors could enter any Museum until 1am. A shuttle bus-service between the Museums was also included in the entrance fee.