Gea Novergica Geopark (Norway)

Gea Noverica was awarded membership in the EGN in Belfast in September 2006. The Geopark is situated in south eastern Norway, at the boundary between the counties of Telemark and Vestfold. This area has been recognized for its uniquely varied geodiversity and suitability for teaching geology for over 200 years. Geological records of 1/3 of the Earth’s history is preserved within the Geopark, and the links between the geology and biodiversity, settlement history, agriculture, cultural history and industrial development are basic elements in both teaching and tourism in the area.

The activity in our Geopark in 2006 was obviously very much related to the application submission in June, the EGN-inspection in August and the award in September.

Operational activities included field teaching of school classes and university students, a series of arrangements for the general public and various organizations.