Eisenwurzen European Geopark (Austria)

Under the title of “Eisenwurzen-Mysterious Land”, a 45 minute documentary on Austrian public television introduced the Geopark and its scientific importance. The transmission was accompanied by a press campaign and had an extremely large audience.

After some delay caused by the long-lasting winter, a plank bridge along the North Gorge in Gams has finally been completed. It shows some extraordinary geology and will be integrated in the GeoTrail. A new guide book and a marketing campaign in the forthcoming spring are being prepared.

The presentation of new and surprising results on the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary from the Geopark´s territory had great national and international resonance. We took the opportunity to inform journalists about the Geopark and about the European and Global Geoparks Networks. A lecture under the patronage of the Russian Ambassador in Austria and the Provincial Governor of Styria was attended by many representatives of the scientific community.