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Europe celebrates its geodiversity

From Scottland to Sicily and from Portugal to Romania – 32 Geoparks from all over Europe celebrated the European Geoparks Week 2008 with a true festival of events.

During two weeks in Mai/June 2008 the Network of European Geoparks pushes the rich earth heritage of the various european regions into the public gaze. All the activities aimed to intensify the peoples senses that geology and the history of earth had so much influences on the cultural, agricultural, architectonic and even the economic development of each region. Flora and fauna, as well, are deeply related to the geological genesis of landscapes manifested e. g. in mountains, lowlands, wetlands, volcanos, rivers, gorges etc.. With this holistic view Geoparks are the right places to learn about the history of landscapes all over Europe.

This years European Geoparks Week presented 450 events which are excursions, lectures, seminars, exhibitions, readings, galas and, and, and….

The Geoparks Week achieved a great echo in press and radio media. More than 300 press releases and radio announcements were the result. The press campaignings were supported by 100.000 flyers, brochures and posters and special websites. After all 37.200 visitors and participants attended the European Geoparks Week 2008. A big success!

For more information please have a look on the following reports and find the geoparks in your country.

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