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Resilience is fully embedded in the institutional, social, economic and environmental dimensions of any sustainable development.

Resilience is a fundamental concept already enclosed inside the whole Geopark concept and is related to any kind of environmental and humanitarian crisis: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods, Landslides, Volcanic eruptions, Droughts, Economic crisis, Epidemics, Terrorism, War, Refugges and of course the COVID-19 pandemic.

This initiative encourages all our Geopark territories to develop new actions or to highlight actions already realized to support their territory’s resilience:

a)  the different ways in which UNESCO Global Geoparks keep on engaging with their communities, providing services despite the difficult conditions in COVID 19 times, how they reach out to the young people, offering on line courses, or how they promote local production.

b) examples of any other resilience activities, in which UNESCO Global Geoparks are involved realized during the last four years.

UNESCO Global Geoparks are warmly encouraged to be more and more involved in activities to support of their communities and their partners.

They are also encouraged to share and highlight their actions and experiences through a short article with good quality photos and, if possible, with HQ short video.




The Working Group on Education is sharing its ideas and resources for continuing engagement from a distance with children and local people. The following activities collected and communicated by Mrs Naomi Foster, North Pennines AONB UGGp in collaboration with the members of the Working Group on Education:

Madonie UGGp (Italy)
Madonie UGGp is holding a drawing contest for children, promoting local businesses by sharing typical recipes from restaurants and highlighting Bed and Breakfast operators ready for reopening, and making videos of sites and traditions.

Access these through Facebook and the website

Magma UGGp (Norway)
Magma UGGp are promoting the Teach OUT exploration app and also selecting one locality per week to promote on Facebook.

Bergstraße-Odenwald UGGp (Germany)
Bergstrasse-Odenwalt UGGp have produced lots of creative ideas for families including stories, activities and art (lots of pictures so still good if you can’t read German)

Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional UGGp (Portugal)
Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional UGGp have educational resources available on the website, virtual visits and #GeoparkNaturtejoEmCasa campaign sharing suggestions from partners and virtual activities such as books, films or play activities: and also on the website and newsletters.

Beaujolais UGGp (France)
Beaujolais UGGp is producing short YouTube videos, podcasts and comic strips on geology and geosites for broad audiences, and some videos for middle school students to link to their curriculum, in partnership with an environmental education association. All of these will be available from their Facebook page:

Hateg Country UGGp (Romania)
Series of Facebook posts
Hateg are also doing weekly online meetings with scientists for volunteers and pupils from their GeoExplorer clubs.

Idrija UGGp (Slovenia)
Photos and a virtual tour of a new exhibition on Facebook ( (in Slovenian) and also 360 virtual tour through the exhibition in English on Interreg Danube GeoTour on Facebook (

Lesvos Island UGGp (Greece)
Young Researcher challenges to complete at home with different activities with difficulty levels for different ages, updated every few days. Available in Greek and English. English version:

Video galleries for virtual tours for all ages content on homepage:

Marble Arch Caves UGGp (Ireland & United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
Earth sciences activities will be on the website and social media from (Homepage:

Molina Alto &Tajo UGGp (Spain)
Carrying out a campaign on social networks and on their websites with stories for children (in English and Spanish) which encourage them to read, to carry out puzzles and games with the family (

Young Ambassadors have made a video in support of the whole society with the motto “Stay at home!” (

Geopark staff and the Scientific and Executive Committees are doing the same (

North Pennines AONB UGGp (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
Instructions for activities at home relating to the Geopark from the on the website as blog posts (

Sesia Val Grande UGGp (Italy)
Photos galleries for virtual tours and other content on social media (Homepage:

Sobrarbe-Pirineos UGGp (Spain)
Photos and simple explanations through social media (Facebook at SobrarbePirineosGeopark and Instagram) to maintain engagement while people can’t visit for themselves (Homepage:

Tumbler Ridge UGG (Canada)
Free educational kits. Designed as physical kits for use in the Geopark, but may have some useful ideas.

Villuercas Ibores Jara UGGp (Spain)
Online tools to support what schools are delivering – a ‘did you know?’ card style web game using their Geopark mascot (currently in Spanish, English version to follow):

Also social media #GeositeOfTheDay series Instagram @villuercasgpark. Facebook: @GeoparqueVilluercas. (Homepage:

Welterbe Grube Messel gGmbH (Germany)
Online activities from Messel Pit (Homepage:

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