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Welcome to Katla Geopark – the dynamic destination!

Katla Geopark is Iceland´s first geopark and it opens up a natural wonderland to the visitor. A top priority of the park is to protect the natural environment, promote local sustainable development, introduce local culture and place a strong emphasis on nature tourism.

Katla Geopark got its name from one of its most known volcanoes, Katla which is under the glacier Mýrdalsjökull. The geopark is 9542 km2 or around 9,3 % of the total area of Iceland with population around 2700.

Katla Geopark is in every sense the land of ice and fire, with its towering glaciers and active volcanoes. These forces have been shaping the land for thousands of years and the nearest examples of that are the powerful eruptions in Eyjafjallajökull 2010 and Grímsvötn 2011. But there is also more amazing landscapes in the area, mountains, lakes, black sandy beaches, green pastures and meadows, powerful glacial rivers, beautiful waterfalls and vast lava fields.

These versatile landscapes makes various activities and adventures possible in the area, for example ice climbing and glacier walking, hiking, caving, horse-riding, sight seeing, angling, Jeep safaris and golf. Then there is also possibilities to enjoy the areas local culture by visiting its interesting museums and exhibitions and then relax in one of the areas swimming pools after a busy day.

Katla Geopark is accessible all year round, and each season has its own magical charm in this spectacular natural paradise.



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