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The Geopark of Madonie is situated in the Province of Palermo along the Southern Appennini Mountains Chain in Sicily. Within its territory there are 22 local councils, and the majority of them (15) are part of the Regional natural park of Madonie as well. This territory in Sicily, among the most beautiful of landscapes, is of special interest from a geologic and geomorpho-logic as well as from a didactic point of view.

In this area, the oldest Sicilian mountain can be found, as well as traces of the whole geological history of the island. This mountain territory is mainly composed of limestone and lime-stone-dolomiticwith interesting morphologies of a karstic nature and presents also a very rich and rare cultural and natural heritage. And this is why all the different plans and programmes for local development (LEADER+, the local AGENDA21 etc.) are essentially directed towards sustainable development strategies connected with a mindful use of the landscape and the cultural heritage. The area became part of the European Geoparks Network in 2001 after the candidature was presented by the local LAG with the full support of the Natural Park of Madonie. Both local entities are coordinated to deal with this issue. The LAG deals with activities within the international network and local activities of territory promotion, while the Natural Park manages the protection and the touristic use of the territory.

Being a member of the European Geopark Network is a very important element for our territory because of the very strong dynamic of collaboration and exchange of experiences between the Network members. The Geopark activities are managed by a coordination group (both presidents of the LAG and the Natural Park, one geologist and one expert of local development). This group is also supported by the Department of Geology and Geodesy of the University of Palermo, which gives the scientific support for what concerns didactic and promotional activities. In this phase, the Madonie Geopark is fortifying its educational structure by opening a geological museum especially dedicated to young people, and is intensifying its promotional activities.

Parco delle Madonie
Corso P. Agliata, 16
90027 Petralia Sottana (PA),
Tel: 0039 (0)921 684011
Fax: 0039 (0) 921 680478
E-mail: Pasquale Li Puma
Caterina Grimaldi

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