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ABSTRACTS BOOK download – 14th European Geoparks Conference – AZORES UNESCO GLOBAL GEOPARK PORTUGAL

UPDATE: You can download the ABSTRACTS BOOK of the Conference here!


Please visit the website of the 14th European Geoparks Conference at where you can find new and updated information regarding the EGN AZORES 2017 Conference that takes place in 7th – 9th, September 2017, under the theme “GEOPARKS: PATHWAYS OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM FOR DEVELOPMENT”.

The EGN AZORES 2017 Conference sessions (7th & 9th, Sep.) occur at the “Teatro Micaelense – Cultural and Conference Centre”, in Ponta Delgada city, S. Miguel Island. The EGN CC Meeting (6th, Sep.) takes place at the Azores University, in Ponta Delgada city, S. Miguel Island. The EGN AC Meeting is in 5th, Sep., at a downtown hotel in Ponta Delgada city, S. Miguel Island.

A mid-conference field trip in 8th, September will allow participants and accompanying persons to discover and enjoy the wonders of S. Miguel Island. And Post-conference field trips are organized to all the Azorean islands, on the period 10th to 13th, September.

A all set of social and cultural events are also planned during the EGN AZORES 2017 Conference, in direct connection with the stakeholders of the Azores UNESCO Global Geopark and the local population.

A special program for accompanying persons is envisaged for the period 7th to 9th, September, with great activities and discovers of S. Miguel island geolandscapes and architectonic, cultural and ethnographic peculiarities.

Even the organizing committee of the Conference as booked several rooms in hotels in Ponta Delgada city for the delegates, this is a limited number and on an early registration basis. Also, due to the increasing demand of the destination, in a later stage could be difficult to get place on the lodgment and planes to get to the Azores, so it is important and at your convenience to arrange and book the trip in due time.


Bring along your family and friends and join us in the Azores Geopark for the EGN AZORES 2017 Conference!

Register now and benefit from a reduced price!

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