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Portuguese Forum of Geoparks formalizedPortuguese Forum of Geoparks formalized

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The Portuguese Forum of Geoparks was formalized on 18th of April 2011, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Lisbon.
This event was attended by National Commission of UNESCO representatives as well as Naturtejo and Arouca Geoparks and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Prof. Cravinho.
The main objectives of the Forum were:

  1. To coordinate Portuguese Geoparks (EGN/GGN) joint initiaties;
  2. To promote the development of new Geoparks in Portugal and to provide technical and scientific support to new applications to EGN/GGN
  3. To promote new projects for the valuation of the valuation of the Geological Heritage at the national level;
  4. To outreach the European and Global Geoparks Networks (EGN/GGN), using several communication tools (website, newsletter, newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  5. To promote several national activities related to the growing political impact of geological heritage and the Geotourism development;
  6. To organize an annual workshop to exchange experiences on good practices and to promote and stimulate several projects and activities of Geoparks;
  7. To Promote close cooperation with other national forums, in particular with the Spanish Forum, aimed at close cooperation and coordination with the “lberian Geoparks Forum”
  8. To promote cooperation initiatives under the principles of the European Network and Global Geoparks (EGN/GGN) with the Portuguese Language Countries ommunity.

In consonance with other national forums already implemented under the UNESCO’s auspices, this initiative provides a platform to increase knowledge among its members encourages experiences exchange and defines conditions, methods and goals of working together in the future as well as welcomes new Portuguese Geoparks entries to the European and Global Geoparks Network.

These goals must be developed and implemented according to the European and Global Geoparks Network’s founding principles under clarifications and advices from the Coordination and Advisory Committees.

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