International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, 2017
Calendar of Events

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April 28 to 1 May
Insular Council of El Hierro, La Frontera Municipality (Partner) and Guelillas de El Hierro Paraglading Club One of the most important International Paraglading Meeting in Spain, which brings together every year more than 150 pilots from around the world to fly over El Hierro Geopark.
Celebration: april 28 to 1 may
Participants: 150
Hateg Royal Fortress Cross Competition, 3rd edition
29 April
Hateg Country Dinosaurs UNESCO Global GeoparkIt’s the biggest regional sporting event held on the access route to the ruins of the Royal Fortress of Haţeg. The winners of each age and gender category will be rewarded with prizes provided by the Geopark’s partners. The main purpose of this event is to raise awareness in a positive way of this monument, but also to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle at every age. / 500 participants, including the public.
Volcano Day
Ipolytarnóc Fossils Nature Reserve
May 26th 2017
Novohrad-Nógrád UNESCO Global Geopark
Popular event for kids and students in Ipolytarnóc Fossils Nature Reserve with lectures, presentations, experiments concerning volcanoes in Geopark together with several promoting activities.
Number of participants: 500
Outcome of the event: FB Pages, web pages, photos, reports, press release
37th Annual Crossing of Vouraikos Gorge(14 May 2017)
7th May to 5th June
Chelmos Vouraikos UNESCO Global
Celebration of the rack railway train Diakopto-Kalavryta. The 37th Annual Crossing of Vouraikos Gorge includes hiking across the railway, with start point at railway station of Kalavryta ending to Diakopto.
Description of each event Number of events: 8
Number of participants for each event: 50
Number of participants to the 34th annual crossing: around 2.500
Outcome of the event reports, press releases
Festival of Nature Tourism Portas de Ródão
20-21 May
Vila Velha de Ródão
Naturtejo UNESCO Global
At least 10 events in two days dedicated to Nature Tourism in one of the most important geotourist attractions of UNESCO Naturtejo Global Geopark
Number of participants for each event: 100
Outcome of the event (reports, declaration, etc.): fam trips, report
EGN Week 2017
26th May-11th June
In all European Geoparks
European Geoparks Network
A European – wide festival of Geoparks aimed at raising public awareness of geoconservation and promotion of the geological heritage as well as events aimed at informing the wide public about geotouristic and educational activities in geoparks. Events are varied and include public talks, activity days for schools, guided walks, exhibitions, workshops ,etc.
While these activities may be common geopark activities for this one week the activities are coordinated and promoted in the same week across the whole European Network. It provides the Network with the opportunity to demonstrate to our communities that they are part of a wider European Network which is promoting that the sustainable use of our geological heritage can bring the economic benefit for local people.
Number of events: 69
Number of participants for each event: 50 - 500
Outcome of the event (Reports, etc.)
7th International Workshop on the "Neogene of Central and South Eastern Europe"
May 28-31, 2017
Croatian Geological Society and Papuk UNESCO Global
The Workshop will be held at the Educational and Visitors Centre of the Papuk Geopark in Velika. The Workshop program will cover the up-to date achievements of research activities in the field of Neogene geology, focused on stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeontology, volcanism and tectonics of the Paratethys.
Parallel to the Workshop big exhibition of Neogene fossils will be organized in Požega City Museum + lectures/presentations for organizing groups
Field trips – Papuk Geopark and other Slavonian Mountains
Number of participants: 1000
Outcome of event: report, press releases, web page, FB page
International Intensive Course on Geoparks 2017
June 12-22
Lesvos island, Greece
Lesvos UNESCO Global Geopark &
Global Geoparks Network
A capacity building activity of GGN/EGN aiming training of Geopark managers and staff in UNESCO Global Geoparks management and activities building through sharing of best practice between existing Global Geoparks and aspiring geoparks.
Number of events : 9
Number of participants for each event: 50
Outcome of the event : Report
Geopark festival
28 - 30 July 2027
Odsherred, Denmark
Odsherred UNESCO Global GeoparkThe Geopark Festival in Odsherred is a 4-day yearly festival where local inhabitant, organizations, and businesses are moving out into the landscape promoting themselves under the umbrella of Geopark Odsherred. During the festival, there are more than 100 activities and event such as guide tours, exhibitions, workshops etc.
Number of events – more than 100
Number of participants for each event – between 10.000 – 15.000 visitors and tourists
Outcome of the event - reports and evaluations to develop the festival for next year.
Heritage Week
21st – 27th August
Burren & Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global GeoparkHeritage Week, an annual national festival in Ireland showcasing heritage activities, when the Geopark will host a range of sustainable heritage tourism events
7 events
30 – 100 participants at each event
Digital and print media coverage
Volcano Day, 2nd edition
24 August
Hateg Country Dinosaurs UNESCO Global GeoparkIt’s the Geopark’s major educational event meant to explain the importance of volcanoes and the role they play in the Earth’s evolution. The date was chosen because of its resonance among volcanism enthusiasts, at this time, in 79 AD Vesuvius erupted, destroying the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. But under the thick layer of lava and volcanic ash, archaeologists were able to discover and reconstruct important aspects of the daily life of the ancient world. Andi Andesite is the event guide, a cute mascot of the House for Volcanoes, designed by volunteers from a piece of volcanic rock - andesite. / 300 participants.
Achievement Hiking in Geopark
September 2017
Novohrad-Nógrád UNESCO Global Geopark
Achievement Hiking means 90, 50 and 30 km long hiking trails defeated in a specified time. Trails will be led along geological, natural and historical values of geopark. Event will be held with the help of 40 volunteers.
Number of events: 1 Achievement Hiking with 3 trails and promoting activities
Number of participants for each event: 800-1000
Outcome of the event: FB Pages, web pages, photos, reports, press release
Experiential Tourism Conference
8-10th September 2017
Parco Naturale Adamello
Conference on “Experiential and Sustainable Tourism”, with the aim of reflecting and sharing ideas on the theme of sustainable tourism and its importance as strategic asset in the protected areas and Geoparks.
Number of participants: 200
Outcome of event: report, press releases, web page, FB page
30 september
Insular Council of El Hierro and El Pinar Municipality (Partner)Open water swim crossing an Integral Marine Reserve in the exclusive Mar de Las Calmas, El Hierro Geopark, swimming over volcanoes.
Celebration: 30 september
Participants: 400
14th European Geoparks Conference
September 7-9
Ponta Delgada, Saint Miguel, Azores
Azores UNESCO Global Geopark &
European Geoparks Network
A European Conference aiming the presentation of the Geopark achievements, activities and experiences to celebrate Earth heritage and promoting sustainable development for rural communities through geotourism.
Number of events: 14
Number of participants: 600
Outcome of the event: Report, Abstract Book, Publications, Declaration