Rocca di Cerere Geopark (Italy)

There have been several new activities in the Rocca di Cerere Cultural Park, European Geopark, during the 2006.

Highlights of the year included:

  • New educational materials including a ‘geo game’, and a guide for school children / teachers to help them discover the geology of the area.
  • Cataloguing our geosites into a new electronic database.
  • Production of a new documentary video and of the multimedia tools. The video, called “la Terra di Demetra” was translated into nine languages, (Italian, English, Spanish, French, Greek, German, Arab, Japanese and Chinese).
  • Implementation of tourism projects such as new standards for Bed & Breakfast, a new communication plan and two new eco – sustainable sports areas.
  • We began work on two new geomuseums.

Further information:
Prof. Giuseppe Maria Amato,
Dr. Viviana Ingrasciotta,,
Dr. Francesco Chiaramonte