Beigua Regional Nature Park (Italy)

During 2006 the Beigua Regional Nature Park (European and UNESCO Global Geopark) continued his work to improve the geological heritage conservation activities within the frame of the wider and more complex strategy of conservation f the natural and cultural-historical heritage the protected area has. New projects and opportunities were developed. Highlights of the year included:

  • In the period between April and September two temporary exhibitions were organized in Beigua Geopark:
    1. temporary exhibition “A running dinosaur” in Natural History Civic Museum of Genoa – in cooperation with Reserve Geologique de Haute Provence and Lesvos Petrified Forest European Geopark – from 28th April to 25th June 2006. More than 5.852 people (1.306 of them were students) visited the exhibition in Genoa
    2. temporary exhibition “A 30 million years old tropical forest in Santa Giustina area”, in cooperation with the Earth Sciences Department of the University of Genoa and the Municipality of Stella.  The exhibition was in Stella Santa Giustina from 29th May to 25th June 2006; from 8th July to 25th September the exhibition was in “Palazzo Gervino” Visitor Centre in Sassello
  • In June a “Geopark Corner” was opened in the new headquarters of the Beigua Geopark in Arenzano. The “Geopark Corner” explains the Geopark territory and facilities, the European Geoparks Network and the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.
  • In May and October very big events were organized for the ten years anniversary of the Beigua Regional Nature Park establishing. Guided visits, local meetings, educational programs and a final conference were held in different sites of the Geopark involving thousands of people.
  • Starting from January the Beigua Park quarterly newsletter was published. It contains articles about projects, activities and future plans; special features are dedicated to the Geopark territory and his highlights, EGN and GGN news, etc.

Further information: Maurizio Burlando / Marco Firpo