Sobrarbe-Pyrenees Geopark organizes the events celebrating its tenth Aniversary and International Mountain Day

Geologicaly, ten years are nothing. For us, however, they represent a decade of work dedicated to spreading our pasion for science and teritory through geology. And we want to celebrate it by doing what we like, talking about the mountains, their origin and the people who inhabit them and ascend.

Our tenth anniversary as Geopark, now UNESCO World Heritage, and International Mountain Day are the perfect excuse. In the mountains of Sobrarbe is writen the history of an entire mountain range. Come and read it with us.

We have structured these events in two days, with very interesting contents, a field trip and other celebrations, as they deserve 10 years of intense work and objectives achieved by the Sobrarbe-Pirineos Geopark. Al coinciding with the commemoration of the International Day of Mountains (December 1, UN),

We wil begin on Friday with an afternoon of presentations, lectures and interventions, also celebrating the commemoration of these 10 years of travel of the Geopark.

We wil talk a lot about mountains. Áchel Belmonte (Scientific Coordinator of the Geopark) wil tel us things about our Geopark, that if something characterizes it is to be a geopark of mountains. Luis Carcavila wil present his book, recently edited by the IGME, on how mountains are formed, a proces necesary to know, enjoy and promote them.

And Carlos Soria, great Spanish alpinist, with innumerable suceses to his active 77 years, wil transmit to us al his pasion and wisdom about his profesion of climbing mountains.

Since November 2015 we have become a UNESCO World Geopark, and we wil also have the presence of Patrick McKeever, Secretary of UNESCO’s new program on Geological Sciences and Geoparks.

We wil end the afternoon with a retrospective of these 10 years, and a celebration with a Spanish wine with Geopark Products.

And on Saturday December 10, we propose a simple but very didactic field trip to enjoy, learn and admire our mountains even more.

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