A delegation of tour operators visit the Sobrarbe-Pirineos Geopark

Boltaña 24 June 2016. From 16 to 19 June a delegation of Belgian and Norwegian tour operators have visited the Pirineos-Sobrarbe Geopark knowing the tourist offer andcollaborating companies.

For three days a delegation of Belgian and Norwegian tour operators visited the UNESCO World Sobrarbe-Pirineos Sobrarbe Geopark, with the collaboration of TURESPAÑA and Tourism of Aragón, to know firsthand the tourist offer Sobrarbe-Geopark and collaborating companies.

It has been prepared an intensive program of visits so that tour operators group has toured some of the30 Geo-routes that integrate the Geopark Geo-routes Network: Aínsa, urban geology; Secrets of Sierra deGuara (from Bellostas to Bagüeste); Pineta – La Larri Valley and a circuit in Añisclo Canyon. There was alsoa visit to Chistau Valley and a workshop where they could meet with the Collaborating Companies of theGeopark to see the wide tourism offer of accommodations, restaurants and adventure sports companiesthat there are in Sobrarbe.

This visit is part of the promotional activities Sobrarbe Geopark and its Collaborating Entities, as membersof Ecotourism Product Club, which promotes Turespaña. “Ecotourism in Spain” is a selection of authenticand memorable tourism experiences that guarantees traveler its contribution to the conservation of bioand geodiversity of protected natural areas he visit. It includes modalities such as observation of fauna,flora and geology, environmental education experiences and interpretation of heritage, scientificecotourism, rural ecotourism, star gazing or solidarity ecotourism.

The product was created thanks to the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism who designed andimplemented the Product Club method to a set of protected areas that had been highlighted forimplement action plans for sustainable tourism, including the Sobrarbe-Pirineos Geopark. Turespañadrives the first guide on Ecotourism in Spain as an example of this selection of differentiated experiencesand destinations in order to interest potential ecotourists.

Collaborating Entities Program of Sobrarbe Geopark right now has 116 establishments of differentmodalities, accommodation of all types (Hotels, Rural Tourism Houses, Campsites, Hostels, …),Restaurants, Active Tourism companies, Museums, Shops, Food companies, Craftsmen. Thanks to aplaque, they are identified as a collaborating entity of the Geopark and are distributed throughout theregion. Detailed information about the Geopark and an offer of sustainable tourism services offered inthese plates.