The 40th anniversary of the IGCP Spanish National Committee in Sierras Subbéticas UNESCO Global Geopark

The Sierras Subbéticas UNESCO Global Geopark has been chosen as the host territory to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Spanish National Committee of the International Geoscience Program of UNESCO.

Scientific advances in the frame of the IGCP and Geoparks were the main themes of an open workshop celebrated last April, 15th, in the Mycological Garden “La Trufa” (Priego de Córdoba). The contributions were presented by the Secretary General of the IUGS, the president of the Spanish National Committee of the IGCP, researchers from the Spanish Geological Survey and the University of Valencia, and the Coordinator of the Spanish Geoparks Committee. The Director General of Andalusian Government of Environment and Territorial Planning presented the Andalusian geodiversity Management Plan. On April, 16, a fieldtrip took place to visit the most outstanding points of the Sierras Subbéticas UNESCO Global Geopark, visiting the Picacho de Cabra and the Global Geosite La Cañada del Hornillo.

Over the years, the IGCP has led projects to study rocks for information about climate change, assess the impact of the geological environment on human health, improve knowledge of water resources in karsts and much more. Now this UNESCO program has incorporated Global Geoparks, strengthening values like geoconservation, education and sustainable development in rural areas, involving local communities through a bottom up approach.