European Day of Megalithic Culture in Sobrarbe

The World Sobrarbe Geopark organizes the prehistoric Workshop
“The Secret of the dolmen” which will take place on Sunday April 24, in Tella.

Last June Sobrarbe became a member of the European Cultural Route “The European Route of Megalithic Culture”, declared by the Council of Europe on August 1, 2013.

Sobrarbe became the first territory of southern Europe involved in this cultural route that links a selection of the oldest monuments in Denmark, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. They approach visitors to a heritage still unknown by the general public, which is rooted through time, located in places of great beauty.

The European Day of Megalithic Culture is held on Sunday April 24, and the World Sobrarbe Geopark has organized a prehistoric workshop entitled “The Secret of dolmen” which will take place at around Dolmen de Tella, at 11am and at 12: 30h. This activity is free and directed to audiences of all ages, it aims to enhance the recognition of the heritage value of the megalithic structures, as a cultural element that transcends the borders of European countries.

Participants will learn the essential characteristics of the culture of human groups that created and built the megalithic monuments. Specifically, they will have the opportunity to learn the basic process of building a dolmen; recognize the essential characteristics of the main types of megaliths, possible explanations of their origin, status and use, and above all, the high value of megalithic ensemble of World Sobrarbe Geopark in European and Pyrenean context.

Of course, the linking of the megaliths with legends, stories and traditions will be present.

As there are limited places to participate in this activity, registration is required. Interested can do so by filling out the form on the web: