European Geoparks Week in Lanzarote and Chinijo Islands Geopark

Dates of geoparks week: 22nd May to 7th June

Contact Person: Elena Mateo Mederos,

Further information:, facebook: Proyecto Geoparque Lanzarote,

Category Date Activity/Event
1. Geo & Geo 2nd June



3rd June




5th June



6th June

Workshop about the Geological Heritage of Lanzarote. In the Municipal Archives of Arrecife with the presence of outstanding staff of the Geological Survey of Spain.


Open Door Journey at Lanzarote Geodynamics Laboratory. In the module located in “La Cueva de los Verdes” will discuss the role of Geodynamics Laboratory in research of geological processes.


Presentation of Lanzarote  geological map.

With a lecture about the most important aspects of the Geopark Geosites inventory and the criteria used for the mapping.


Hiking geotour at the Lava Path. Visiting de begining of 1730-1736 eruptions.

2. Geo & Culture/Music/Literature/Arts 1st June Coffee Science (Wine Science): Looking for the future of the Geria.

In a winery, we will discuss about La Geria, accompanied by a tasting of local products: wine and cheese.

3. Geo & Education 4th to 11st May





15th May



28th May

Meet the geology of your environment. Geological workshop with students of the Rural Schools of Lanzarote, on the immediate environment to school, taught by students of rural schools in Lanzarote, with students of Lanzarote Cycle Education and Environmental Control of Zonzamas High School.


Hiking geotour in La Marina. Visting the geosite “La Marina” with students of the Rural Schools of Lanzarote.



II Canary Day with Rural School in Montaña Blanca. Canary Day Fair organized with the Rural Schools of Lanzarote. Included:

  • Preparation of Geopark Logo using needlework with scraps of different colors by students of all Rural Schools.
  • Collection of stones, geological videos, playroom and geological bilblioteca.
  • Competition team who gives the best name the geopark project with rural schools?
  • Visibility Geopark by sharing educational advertising material.


Download the EGN Week – Program of activities