Workshop “Geoparks in volcanic areas: sustainable development strategies”

The Workshop “Geoparks in volcanic areas: sustainable development strategies” aims to be a forum of discussion amongst European and Gobal geoparks in volcanic areas whose most common feature – the presence of volcanoes in its territories – give them peculiar characteristics and common desideratum in fields like science and research, tourism, education for natural disasters and use of endogenous resources, like the geothermal energy.

The special focus of this forum is to promote a wide discussion on sustainable strategies of local socioeconomic development and to share good practices in areas such as Economy (especially in Geotourism) and Geoconservation, as a way to raise awareness of local companies and other stakeholders on the promotion of initiatives and activities on those domains.

Dates and Place

The workshop takes place from October 29th to November 1st 2014, at Terceira and Graciosa islands, in the Azores Global Geopark, Portugal.

The public sessions will be held at the “Os Montanheiros” Association office and the Volcanospeleological Museum “Machado Fagundes”, in Angra do Heroísmo city (the Terceira Island Delegation of the Azores Geopark) and the workshop includes field trips in Graciosa and Terceira islands and an optional field trip to São Miguel island.

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