Workshop “Geoparks and marketing”

Dear colleagues,

we are writing to you with an invitation to cooperate in a three-day event on “Geoparks and marketing” that will take place between August 27-29, 2014. We have decided to organise this event for several reasons. The most important of all is to get to know each other better, to share our experience and to discuss our plans that might open future cooperation possibilities.

The first two days of the event will take place within Geopark Idrija and the third one in Geopark Karavanke/Karawanken. The first day (Wednesday, August 27) is dedicated to the lecture by Tanja Lešnik Štuhec PhD who is a renowned expert on protected areas and tourist destinations management. After the lecture geopark representatives from the neighbouring countries are invited to provide a presentation of your best practices in the field of destination and Geopark brand marketing. The day will end with a workshop with group work on a destination and Geopark brand marketing plan based on the best practices.

The second day (Thursday, August 28) will take you outdoors, into Geopark Idrija territory. We will visit some of the partners/providers of Geopark Idrija who are successful in marketing their tourist products.

The third day (Friday, August 29) will take you on an excursion to Geopark Karawanken.

For the event financial means of the IGCP programme fund have been gained to cover the excursions’ costs in the Geoparks Idrija and Karawanken. Every participant will have to cover his/her own travelling expenses and the accommodation costs.

Geoparks which are interested in participating please contact:

We look forward to your positive response and to seeing you in Idrija and Mežica soon!

The organizers of the international event “Geoparks and marketing” are: Idrija heritage center – Idrija Geopark, Geopark Karavanke/Karawanken and the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO.